The Great Western Loughs

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Lough Corrib Mayfly fishing

The myriad bodies of water in western Connacht include five major lakes, viz. (from South to North):

Lough Corrib / Loch Coirib (178 km2) is connected to the Atlantic Ocean by the short lower stretch of the River Corrib, which flows south through Galway City & Environs into Galway Bay. For those not exploring the lake by boat, the eastern shore can be reached from locations on ByRoute 13 and ByRoute 14; the western shore can be reached via the Iar Connacht / Moycullen route or from Joyce Country, which also takes in part of the northern shore).

(Cong, on the narrow isthmus separating Lough Corrib from Lough Mask, can be reached from both ByRoute 14 and Joyce Country).

Lough Mask / Loch Measca (89 km2), the upper of  two lakes on the River Corrib, feeds into Lough Corrib through at least one underground stream. The southern and southwestern shores of the lake are described on the Cong page or as part of Joyce Country, while places on the eastern shore are on or can be accessed from ByRoute 14).

(Tourmakeady and Partry are adjacent districts on the northwestern shore of Lough Mask and southwest of Lough Carra).

Lough Carra / Loch Ceara (16 km2), is a limestone (marl) lake with several scenic islands.

(Places around Lough Carra can be reached from Partry or from locations on ByRoute 14).

Lough Cullin / Loch Cuillin (12 km2& Lough Conn/ Loch Con (57 km2), joined by a short channel between two tapering peninsulas, and connected via a tributary of the River Moy to the Atlantic Ocean, are noted for their trout and salmon fishing.

(The eastern shores form part of ByRoute 15, with access to Pontoon, also accessible from ByRoute 14, which describes locations within easy reach of the western shores).

Many of the literally hundreds of other lakes in the West of Ireland are described or mentioned on sections of ByRoutes 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 or on other special pages under the heading The West, i.e. those describing The Burren and Iar Connacht, Connnemara & Joyce Country.


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