The North Midlands Lakes

Lough Ramor, the northernmost of the big Midlands Lakes, is one of the largest lakes in County Cavan stretching approx. 7km in length by 1km at the narrowest point and feeds into the Blackwater and Boyne river systems. It is a popular lake with anglers and a wide variety of fish species are to be found including pike, bream, roach, hybrids, trout and eel. Some record catches have been recorded in recent times, and most noted with visiting anglers from Britain.. It is particularly popular for pike fishing. Continue reading The North Midlands Lakes

Mullingar and Environs (Co. Westmeath)

Mullingar (An Muileann gCearr – ‘The Lefthandwise Mill”) (pop. 21,000) is a prosperous town, vying with Athlone as the largest  in the Midlands. Long known for its army barracks and cattle market, it is nowadays a major regional centre for engineering / high-tech companies, retail outlets and a wide range of services.

The town is situated on the River Brosna, partly encircled by the Royal Canal and close to Lough EnnellLough Owel, Lough Derravaragh and Lough Lene. The surrounding countryside is green and lush, ideal for cattle rearing.

It is probably best known in Ireland for its bachelors and the charming expression commonly used to refer to large women: “beef to the ankle, like a Mullingar heifer“. While it is probably unfair, or at least out of date,  to call Mullingar “a smug provincial dullsville“, the town cannot really be described as very exciting. However, it does have good leisure amenities and accommodation, eating and drinking facilities. Continue reading Mullingar and Environs (Co. Westmeath)

Limerick City and Environs

Limerick City (Luimnach) (pop. 94,000), occupying a northeastern protrusion of County Limerick and extending into southwestern County Clare, just above the head of the River Shannon Estuary (Loch Luimneach), has long suffered a terrible reputation but, the city has a colourful history, and there are plenty of interesting landmarks and places to visit, both in the city centre and its outskirts, along with a good range of acommodation options etc. (Above photo – Lukemcurley  )

Continue reading Limerick City and Environs

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