Remains of the 12th-century Trim Castle in County Meath, the largest Norman castle in Ireland

Ireland ByRoutes

Our ByRoutes provide road links between hundreds of interesting places to visit and views to admire all over Ireland. Each ByRoute is described from just beyond the fringes of DUBLIN. Scroll down or up depending on your starting point!

The best way to explore any one part of the country (county, Sector) is to combine elements of several ByRoutes. Scenic roads linking places on a ByRoute with other ByRoutes and special pages are highlighted as appropriate.

ByRoute1 follows a roughly clockwise route along / near the shores  of the Republic’s 11 maritime counties between DUBLIN and Co. Derry, with detours signalled to explore cities / towns and regions such as Co. Cork‘s  Southwestern Peninsulas, the Burren and Connemara, or excursions to one or more of Ireland’s Offshore Islands.

ByRoute2 runs inland,  roughly parallel to ByRoute1 through four of the same counties (plus Co. Kilkennyvia New Ross (Co. Wexford) and Cappaquin (Co. Waterford) as far as Cloyne in southeastern Co Cork. Again, detours to explore places such as Waterford City & Environs or the Lower Blackwater Region are indicated.

ByRoute3 also takes in parts of Co. Carlow and Co Tipperary as it runs further inland, roughly parallel to ByRoute2 for most of the way to Aghaville (Co. Cork).

ByRoute4 runs further inland again to Bantry Bay (Co. Cork).

ByRoute5 straddles the borders between Co. Kildare, Co Wicklow and Co. Carlow, crossing the latter,  Co. Kilkenny  and Co. Tipperary and to reach southern Co. Limerick and northwestern Co. Cork on the way to Kilgarvan (Co. Kerry).

ByRoute6 traces a trajectory through southern Co. Kildare, northern Co. Carlow, central Co. Kilkenny, Co. Tipperary and Co. Limerick, then northwestern Co. Cork as far as Castlemaine (Co. Kerry)

ByRoute  7 crosses from Co. Kildare into southeastern Co. Laois and northern Co. Kilkenny, then Co. Tipperary and Co. Limerick to near Tralee & Environs (Co. Kerry)

ByRoute8 follows a more northerly path though Co. Kildare, Co. Laois and Co. Tipperary to near Limerick City & Environs.

ByRoute9 also explores parts of Co. Kildare, Co. Laois and Co. Tipperary before passing through a fragment of Co. Limerick to cross the River Shannon into southern Co. Clare.

ByRoute10 takes in stretches of Co. Kildare, Co. Laois, Co. Offaly and western Co. Tipperary before crossing the River Shannon to reach Ennis & Beyond (Co. Clare).

ByRoute11 also traverses Co. Kildare, Co. Laois, Co. Offaly and northwestern Co. Tipperary before crossing the River Shannon to southeastern Co. Galway and Co. Clare.

ByRoute12 Co. Kildare,  Co. Offaly and northwestern Co. Tipperary before crossing the River Shannon to southern Co. Galway and northern Co. Clare.

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