Lament for William Crotty

William Crotty I often told you
That David Norris would come ’round you.
In your bed where you lay sleeping,
And leave me here in sorrow weeping.
Ochone, ochone, ochone, oh.

He wet your powder, he stole your arms,
And left you helpless in the midst of alarms.
My bitter curse on him and his,
That brought you to and end like this.
Ochone, ochone, ochone, oh.

Oh the judge but he was cruel,
Refusing a long day to my jewel.
Sure I thought that would be maybe
See the face of your poor baby.

But tempers gold and traitors greedy,
Have left the poor and lowly needy.
‘Twas you that heard the widow sighing,
‘Twas you that heard the orphan crying.

Strong brave and true and kind to women,
Yet fierce and dread to Saxon foeman.
As thou tonight in gaol you’re sleeping,
And oh I’m left in sorrow weeping
Ochone, ochone, ochone, oh.

O’er Coumshingaun the dark clouds gather,
You’ll sleep no more among the heather.
Through the Comeraghs hills the night winds are sighing,
Where oft you sent the Redcoats flying
Ochone, ochone, ochone, oh.

Ahearn’s gold bought Norris over,
That night the Redcoats round your cover.
May heaven’s vengeance o’er them gather,
My baby ne’er shall see its father
Ochone, ochone, ochone, oh.






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