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Ireland Byways. History, culture, myths and legends of Ireland.

All the articles on this website were researched and written by Francis Barrister, the original creator of Ireland Byways, with the first article being  published in March 2008.

Sadly, Francis passed away in early 2018 but his work remains here for all to read.

A small group of volunteers has taken over the management of the website and will continue to add, review and create more content to this project that truly contains some outstanding research and writings about Ireland, its people, history and culture.

If you have feedback about any of the articles contained within this website please get in touch and likewise if you find any errors or ways to improve the site we would love to hear from you.

We would also love to see more people involved in this project so if you would like to collaborate in anyway just let us know.

We can be contacted at the following email address.

7 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Regarding: Croghan Hill

    I’ve been researching the Moores of Croghan and found some conflicting information to yours.
    The Thomas (not John) who married in 1669 to Ellen Colley was 70 years later than the one who was killed in 1599.
    The Thomas who was killed in 1598/99 was granted Castletown (Colleystown/Croghan) by Queen Elizabeth I, and was succeeded by his son, Sir John Moore, who married Dorothy Loftus.
    REf: Brydges, E., (1812) Collin’s Peerage of England Vol IX, pp1-25

    J. Helyar

    1. Hi Jennifer, thanks for your feedback…. Which page here at Ireland Byways did you see the information that you are talking about? You may have read that the original author of this website sadly passed away and I took over the site to keep it online. There are hundreds of articles that I haven’t had a chance to repair/review and edit…Getting there slowly though 🙂

  2. Hi Guys,
    Just notices an error on, BYROUTE 4.2 CO. TIPPERARY & CO. CORK (W)
    These pages describe ByRoute 4 between Callan (Co. Kilkenny) and Glengarriff (Co. Cork) on ByRoute 1.

    In reference to Drangan village and the statue to Michael Cusack. This Michael Cusack is NOT the Cusack of GAA fame who was born in Clare and died in 1906. Although a contemporary and namesake, they are two totally different men.
    Drangan’s Cusack was a fenian and very active in the Land League. He died in 1909

  3. I visited the tropical butterfly centre many years ago my 15 year old daughter would love to visit it now also. But I can’t find a phone no or contact information after googling 🤔 I found seawinds nurseries & tropical butterfly centre but again no phone no. just wanted to know if it’s open as it’s a long drive from clare

  4. Hi,
    I’ve just read the very informative page about the Castlecomer Plateau and the areas coal mine history.
    I was wondering if any of your readers could help me in trying to locate a specific pit called either Rivelly Pit or Bivelly Pit. It would be either in Kilkenny or over the border in Laois (Queens).
    Any help would be welcome. Keep up the good work on your interesting website.

    1. Thanks for your kind comment. there is still an awful lot to do here to organise all the information stored here… I am afraid I can’t help with your question. Maybe someone will read it and supply some information for you..

  5. I would like to know if the Astrolabe that was found as described on Coombe Hill, Valentia Island in 1845, is still in the Maritime Museum, Dun Laoghaire? Or, when was it donated and on display there?

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