Previous Image of the Month: This picture of Eyeries on the Beara Peninsula was used toillustrate a sentimental song supposedly sung by a sad emigrant in a Chicago bar, with the chorus “Any town in Ireland would be Home” (Photo – Phil Mack Country)

Christmas Eve Eve 2011

With ByRoute 14 now complete, ByRoute 15 due to be finished before the end of the year, and considerable progress made with The Big Western Lakes, it only remains for us to wish readers a very pleasant and enjoyable Festive Season!

Previous Image of the MonthSt Patrick’s Hall in Dublin Castle, where Michael D Higgins was sworn in as the 9th President of Ireland on 11/11/11. (Photo byDonaldytong)

11th November 2011

Oops, missed the October dateline. Development over the last 42 days have included an extension to ByRoute 14, major advances on ByRoute 15 and the recuperation of lost material relating to Dublin and Cork cities. The best news is that our official Site Meter count of visits has just passed 100,000. Thank you very much to all our visitors!

Today is also the traditional date for commemorating the thousands of Irishmen killed in WWI and other conflicts around the globe, such as those who died fighting fascism in the Spanish Civil War, including the “Church of Ireland pastor from Killarney” and the “brave young Christian Brother” from Derry recalled in Christy Moore‘s great song about the 5th International Brigade: Bob Hilliard (b.1905) and Eamonn McGrotty (b.1911), both killed at the Battle of Jarama in February 1937.

Previous Image of the Month: Garden in Granard, Co. Longford (Photo –Toberphelim House B&B)

30th September 2011

A pleasant period of R&R before the start of the academic year.

Previous Image of the Month: Horses in a field in Moore, Co. Roscommon. (Photo by C O’N)

23rd August 2011

It is with great relief that we finally succeeded in recuperating and updating ByRoute 13.

Previous Image of the Month: Diamond Hill / Binn Ghuaire (“Guaire’s peak”) (442m), aka Bengooria / Benhoowirra, the westernmost peak of the Twelve Bens, is in Connemara National Park. (Photo – Sherwood Harrington)

28th July 2011

We proudly present the latest stretch of ByRoute 1 (mainly coastal), from Galway Cityvia western Connemara and southwestern County Mayo to Westport & Environs. plus updated pages on Iar Connacht, Connemara & Joyce’s Country.

Former image of the Month: Munster Blackwater riverside garden in spring (Photo – David Monegan, whose excellent Ireland Unhinged blog is always worth reading)

Midsummer Night / St John’s Eve (23rd June) 2011

A very interesting month re-acquainting ourselves with County Mayo, resulting in considerable progress with Westport & Environs, plus some changes to The Western Islands and a few other pages.

Former image of the Month: Northern Ireland’s coast (Photo –

24th May 2011

Quite a month, what with Royal and Presidential visitors and the sad death of the highly respected Garrett FitzGerald. Slow progress on this website; ByRoute 14 is now ready for viewing, if unfinished, and other pages have been updated or edited.

Former Image of the Month: Silver & White Strand nearKinnadoohy, Co. Mayo (Photo byfkaatje)

Easter Monday 2011

Oh dear, last month’s Image of the sea slug didn’t seem to go down well, as visitor numbers dropped considerably – loyal regulars, keep clicking the Google Ads to keep this hobby website afloat! The Good News is that ByRoute 14 will be ready very soon, having just crossed the border of County Mayo, and that ByRoute 13 will not be far behind it, despite the damage suffered by both due to various computer crises.

Previous Image of the Month: Sea slug, Valentia island, Co. Kerry (Photo by Bernard Picton

17th March 2011

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Former Image of the MonthCroagh Patrick from Westport Quay (Photo by Madidi)

19th February 2011

A reasonably productive month culminating in another IT disaster; we hope this time the consequences will not set us back as drastically as the incident last March.

Previous Image of the MonthWalking Sligo beach (Photo by Mike Richard, editor

17th January 2011

A productive winter holiday, with many pages updated, repaired and improved, index-linkingof ByRoutes 1 – 12 and the entries for fifteen southern Counties (Co. CarlowCo. ClareCo. CorkCo. KerryCo. KildareCo. KilkennyCo. LaoisCo. LimerickCo. Offaly, Co. TipperaryCo. WaterfordCo. Wexford and Co. Wicklow), some progress made withByRoutes 13, 14, 15 and 16, and mapping / planning advances with the rest.

Previous Image of the month: Sallygap snow (Photo: Ardee Man, an entertaining blog)

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